Bay Matrix Limited is a wholly indigenous engineering, technical procurement and services company with head office and equipment yard in Port Harcourt.

Our products and services are developed to provide relevant and effective solutions to the emerging oil & gas and power industry sectors in Nigeria and West Africa.

We have undertaken various studies and projects aimed at assisting industrial and commercial organizations in urban and remote locations to review and re-organize their energy and fuel needs; this has led to the development and adoption of innovative reticulated LPG and Natural Gas-based solutions.

We believe in Africa and its future, and dedicate ourselves to supporting the African dream of development and modernization; our service and products are designed to enhance and ensure realization of the vision of our clients.

Our Vision

To become a world class organization seeking and acting on opportunities that create wealth within the Oil & Gas, and Energy Sectors across the African Continent.

Our Mission

We are focused on the development of the midstream and downstream Gas & Power Sector business across Africa. Our contribution will be measurable, effective and sustainable; always proffering solutions that significantly improve operational and financial performance of our clients while creating wealth and good reputation for all stakeholders.

Our Future

Through the development of strategic alliances locally and globally, we will continually enhance our core competencies; acquire new skills and improve our environment. We are exploring new frontiers; bringing the best of the World into Africa.